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Central Florida Pool Service is a family owned and operated swimming pool service that specializes in swimming pool cleaning, repair, renovation service & resurfacing in Lakeland, FL.  A swimming pool is a commitment as it requires correct cleaning, maintenance, and servicing.  Should the pool cleaning be neglected, major pool problems will result…quick.  A homeowner may buy pool service kits and pool test kits , however this does not take the place of a pool cleaning service professional.

In addition to providing pool service in Lakeland, we proudly offer pool service in other areas of Polk County as well.  We offer a wide range of swimming pool cleaning service plans and products to choose from so that you and your family can enjoy your beautiful Lakeland backyard investment.  Central Florida Pool Service cleans and maintains hundreds of swimming pools in and around the Lakeland, FL area every week so our pool technicians form the most experienced team available in Lakeland.  Call us today to find out why we provide Lakeland swimming pool service to hundreds of your friends and neighbors!

We provide superior and dependable swimming pool service, pool cleaning and repairs with included written warranties.  In addition to swimming pool cleaning, we are also licensed and insured to perform pool equipment repairs, vinyl liner replacement and pool resurfacing, remodeling and renovations in Lakeland, FL. 

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Central Florida Pool Service is licensed and insured for your protection and our pool repair work carries a written warranty for your peace of mind.  Unlike some other "pool services" in the Lakeland area, we are your licensed and insured one-stop pool service in Lakeland!  Us being a one-stop pool service in Lakeland has many advantages:  1 We can perform every service on your pool from cleaning, repair, to resurfacing and renovations. 2 We offer discount pricing on repairs, resurfacing and renovations to regular pool cleaning account customers.  3  We have been providing pool service in Lakeland for over 15 years, were not going anywhere and will be here to stand behind our job.  We are the leader in residential swimming pool cleaning and pool service in Lakeland.

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No matter how big or small your inground pool renovation is – Central Florida Pool Service will exceed your expectations in quality, expertise, price, and customer service. Give us a call today to see how you can turn your pool into your personalized paradise.  We are licensed and insured to complete your pool repair, pool resurfacing, vinyl liner replacement, pool renovations and anything else you would expect from a competent pool service!






Pool Service Lakeland FL

So.....your swimming pool stays clean of dirt but you dont like balancing the swimming pool chemicals and keeping up with the filter cleaning and maintenance?  Call and ask about our weekly swimming pool chemical service for just less than you think!  This includes chemical test, pool chemicals, brushing the pool, pool filter maintenance & cleaning skimmer and strainer baskets.  Call Central Florida Pool Service in Lakeland FL today for details!  We are sure we can build a pool cleaning program to suit your needs.  Did we mention we also keep your pool deck free of dirt and mold with our regular full service weekly pool cleaning in Lakeland?  Ask our Lakeland pool cleaning service competitors if they provide this service as part of their weekly pool cleaning service!

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Pool Service Lakeland FL

At Central Florida Pool Service we are a swimming pool cleaning service and pool maintenance company and have different pool service cleaning plans to choose from to meet your pool maintenance needs.  With us you will never have to buy expensive swimming pool chemicals or carry pool water samples all over town.  All we ask is that you enjoy your swimming pool with family and friends and let us do the swimming pool cleaning.  Central Florida Pool Service is your full service pool service and repair company for Lakeland, FL and nearby Polk County cities.  In most cases, Central Florida Pool Service can provide same-day pool cleaning service.  At Central Florida Pool Service we specialize in residential swimming pool cleaning service, residential spa cleaning service, commercial swimming pool cleaning service and commercial fountain cleaning service in Lakeland, FL.  Go to our General Information page to find out what our swimming pool cleaning and swimming pool maintenance services consist of.  Have any questions?  Give us a call and let us provide you a free estimate right over the phone for swimming pool cleaning, pool equipment repairs or discuss your pool resurfacing, vinyl liner replacement or pool renovation project. Do you only want pool cleaning while your on vacation? Give us a call and ask about our swimming pool vacation cleaning service or chemical service while you are out of town.

Our Vision

We are a swimming pool cleaning and repair company committed to customer satisfaction.  We will be dedicated to supplying our customers with the best-trained, knowledgeable staff and giving the most quality, reliable service.  We believe with these efforts this will result in the growth and profitability of our company.

About Us

Central Florida Pool Service is a full service swimming pool cleaning and repair company based in Lakeland, Florida.  Our company is family owned and "hands on" operated since 2002.  We offer a wide range of services and products to our customers at competitive prices so they can enjoy their beautiful backyard investment.

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All swimming pool cleaning and pool chemical service plans include balancing the water chemistry and adding necessary chemicals, removing foreign debris from the swimming pool, vacuuming the swimming pool as needed, brushing the tile and walls, emptying all baskets, servicing the pool filter as needed, and providing current documentation for services provided.  Pool chemicals are always included in our prices for swimming pool cleaning and pool chemical service plans.  Methods of payment for pool service are cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Paypal.  Automatic monthly withdrawal options for pool service are also available in addition to payments being accepted on our website.

When you are calling for estimates on pool service in Lakeland, FL be sure to ask what pool cleaning services you are getting for your money.  Central Florida Pool Service is not a "splash and dash" pool service when it comes to swimming pool cleaning.  We guarantee we will be in your backyard longer than five minutes and you will be happy with your swimming pool cleaning service, as we not only clean the pool but we offer cleaning of your surrounding pool deck as well.  If you purchase a full service swimming pool cleaning package, thats what you will receive with us.  Contact us for details on our different pool cleaning and maintenance plans.  We will build a swimming pool cleaning plan to meet your needs.

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Pool Facts

* If you don't maintain your swimming pool properly you can cut the lifespan of the pool and equipment in half!  Proper pool service is essential for your pool surface.  For less than your cable bill, Central Florida Pool Service will come out weekly to maintain your pools chemistry.  This price includes the cost of swimming pool chemicals.  This is very cheap considering that alternative, which is pool surface staining and etching, cloudy water, pool equipment malfunction, etc.

*  What are you paying for by having a pool cleaning service regularly maintain your pool?  Our full-service cleaning plans consist of brushing the pool, vacuuming the pool as needed, cleaning all skimmer and pump baskets, maintaining your filter and pool chemicals.  Unlike our pool service competitors, there is no extra charge for the pool chemicals.  In addittion, although we can't guarantee a specific day for pool cleaning (due to the weather), you can rest easy knowing that your pool cleaning technician will be dependable. 

*  Do variable speed pool pumps really save you money on electricity?  Yes they do!  These pumps are proven to do so, and so much so the Department of Energy is mandating these pumps.  By the year 2021 single speed pumps over 0.5 horsepower will be banned from sales. 

* After testing and adjusting the alkalinity and pH in your pool, you should test the calcium hardness.  This is the measure of how hard or how soft your pool water is.  The recommended range is 150-400ppm and is water temperature dependant.  High levels can result in cloudy water and scale, thus ruining the surface of your pool.  The best way to combat high levels is through the use of a sequestering agent.

*  Are you having a hard time keeping a chlorine reading in your pool?  If your pool has been getting a lot of use and you have a salt system, check your stabilizer level.  Stabilizer, also known as cyanuric acid, leaves with physical water loss. Chlorine tablets, a normal pool maintenance item in non-salt pools, contain this stabilizer thus resulting in you not normally having to add it manually.  Without the stabilizer the suns ultraviolet rays destroy the chlorine rather quickly.  Too much stabilizer is not a good thing for your swimming pool, as the effectiveness of the sanitizer is greatly diminished. This means your pool will likely have regular algae blooms and you will be calling Central Florida Pool Service for help!

*  Is your swimming pool pump not priming?  Hold on...it could be your filter.  Have you cleaned it lately?  When your pool filter pressure rises 10psi since your last cleaning it is due.  If you have a cartridge filter, the cartridge must be replaced periodically.  The frequency will depend on how well you maintain the cartridge.  Replacing the filter element too often doesn't help you, as the dirtier the cartridge gets the more it will trap thus resulting in crystal clear water.  As you can see, there is a fine line in proper pool maintenance and pool cleaning.  For less than the price of a cable bill, we will guarantee you wont have to deal with pool cleaning.  Call the professionals at Central Florida Pool Service for all of your backyard investment needs. 

*  Periodically cleaning your salt cell is a must.  Minerals and calcium will build up on the plates of the cell, thus eventually interfering with the operation of the salt system.  The primary reason for this mineral build-up is hard water.    Chemically cleaning the cell is typically recommended, as it is a more thorough cleaning.  Most salt system manufacturers have a stand for the cell that can be used to aid in chemically cleaning the unit.  The chemical typically used is muriatic acid, the same acid used to adjust your pool PH level.  Always wear proper personal protective equipment when handling pool chemicals.  Muriatic acid is extremely corrosive.

*  In addition to keeping your pool clean, vacuuming the surface of your pool will also decrease the frequency of adding santizer to the pool.  Your sanitizer (chlorine) attacks the foreign material in your pool, thus keeping your pool from going green with algae.  Central Florida Pool Service vacuums your pool as part of its routine pool cleaning plans.  Since keeping debris out of your swimming pool is so important for the health of bathers, Central Florida Pool Service takes into consideration your pools specific setting when quoting a price for pool cleaning.  For instance, if your pool is located under an oak tree and you have no screen enclosure, your cleaning fee will not likely be the same as someone with no treee and a screen enclosure.

*  Its that time of year again just before the swimming season...spring.  Unfortunately, just before spring flowers comes pollen which makes a mess of your pool.  Before beginning pool cleaning of the pollen, make sure it is indeed pollen and not mustard algae.  This can be identified by recognizing that mustard algae will typically form on the sides and bottom of pool, and the pollen will be floating on top.  Sometimes, the floating pollen may be too small for your filtration equipment.  Simply add some aluminum sulfate to the pool water, as this will bind with the pollen causing it to clump and be filtered out.  Pollen adds to the pool maintenance and pool cleaning if your pool, Central Florida Pool Service is here to help if you need us.

*  Swimming pool leaks usually dont reveal themselvs until fall/winter, as we usually get a break from the rainfall during that time.  Not to discount a possible leak, but swimming pool owners need to keep in mind that during the dry season it is not uncommon for your pool to lose 1/4" of water per day to evaporation.  If you have a water feature (waterfall, etc.) this might add to that number. If you have a significant leak, one clue would be a drop in your stabilizer level.  This chemical retains a chlorine level in your pool and only goes down with physicall water loss.  A low stabilizer level will explain a consistent minimal chlorine reading and recurring algae infestation in the pool.  Call Central Florida Pool Service for help!

*  During the cold season you may purchase a heater for your swimming pool.  This may be the most expensive piece of pool equipment installed. The most important factor that will determine the life of the heater is how you maintain your pool chemicals.  Inproperly balanced pool water will corrode the internal piping of the pool heater in one season if bad enough.  Among other things, this will likely void your manufacture warranty.  An advantage to hiring a professional pool service is record keeping of these chemical levels.

*  Central Florida Pool Service was founded over 16 years ago and has been a family business specializing in pool service, cleaning and maintenance since the beginning.  Our committment to our pool service customers and the resulting reputation has kept us thriving.  If you are satisifed with our pool service, we ask that you tell your friends.  If for some reason you are not happy, we only ask that you tell us and give us an opportunity to make it right. 

*  Have you noticed since we have been getting colder weather that you are using less pool chemicals?    Temperature has an effect on chlorine consumption.  Most bacteria thrive in warmer water that exists in the summer time.  The free chlorine in your swiiming pool is used up more quickly trying to kill this bacteria.  Generally speaking, free chlorine is dramaticlaly effected when water temperatures rise above 80 degrees.  This is why spas are very closely regulated for health reasons and another reason to choose a professional pool service! 

*  Being that it is hurricane season and we have received many calls for pool service and pool cleaning, a quick word of caution:  If your swimming pool has sustained a large amount of debris, please consider the services of a professional pool service.  We have the proper equipment to extract this debris not utilizing your pump equipment and underground piping.  Large clumps of debris stand a good chance of clogging your underground pipes and pump basket/impeller.  Left too long this will likely damage your pool equipment by causing an overheat situation.  Additionally, organic material resting on the pool surface will likely create stains thus possibly creating the need for pool resurfacing or stain treatment.  Call a professional pool service today!

* So you want a pool service but you don't know how much it costs?  This question is mostly answered by knowing the size of the pool and how large it is.  Another factor that can't go ignored is the swimming pool current condition.  For example if your pool has been neglected and infested with algae, extra charges would be incurred to bring the pool to satisfactory level.  Many times pool service neglect will take its toll on the pools surface.  Sometimes this may be corrected with stain treatments.  Finally, the debris load (nearby trees) play a role in pool service costs.  Time is money, if the swimming pool technician is raking leaves out of your pool for 30 minutes before completing other pool cleaining tasks he or she must still be compensated. 

*  One test often forgotten about when testing your swimming pool water is calcium hardness.  By not maintaining this, your pool water can end up becoming corrosive or end up scaling the pool surface. You should check the calcium hardness any time you add pool chemicals or add or drain water.  Maintaining the calcium hardness is very similar to maitaining the other pool chemicals.  You can test the calcium hardness less frequently than chlorine and pH, as its level typically does not drastically change.  The recommended tange is 150-400ppm.

*  Think twice before adding that algaecide on a regular basis.  Many swimming pool owners add an algaecide regularly in lieu of regular, proper maintenance.  The unintended consequence is high metal content in the pool water.  The metal in the swimming pool water can react with oxidizers, such as granular chlorine.  This will often leave a stain on the pool surface.  In addition to the pool surface being compromised, the climbing level algaecide will cause future algae treatments of your swimming pool water to become less effective.  Think of it as building an immunity.

*  Is your salt pool generator not producing chlorine in your swimming pool?  Try checking the "fins" inside the unit for corrosion.  This is common and often have to be acid washed.  This corrosion is sometimes made worse by not properly balancing your swimming pool water.  This expensive pool equipment is only part of what suffers.  Other casualties of lack of maintenance would include your pool surface and associated hardware.  Central Floirda Pool Service maintains your pool water chemistry as part of our pool cleaning program thus saving you thousands of dollars on pool equipment and your pools surface. 

* During the summer months it is not uncommon to have to lower the water level of your pool due to the rains.  Did you know that by removing your swimming pool water from the pool is exremely benefical in more way than one?  In the swimming pool industry, there is the phrase "dillution is the solution".  Throughout the swimming season and the more pool service you receive it is common to periodically administer algaecides,  stabilized tablets, etc to treat your swimming pool.  These chemicals add up over time and can lead to increased stabilizer levels for instance.  This will cause your shock treatments to have less of an impact which will likely increase the chances you have to fight algae.  Removing this water also improves your total dissolved solids identified in your pool water testing.

* Most residential pool service accounts are serviced once per week.  Factors that can change this, among others, are:  Bather load and debris load. For those same reasons, commercial pools must be serviced more frequently.  Pool cleaning and service for commercial accounts are on average 2-3 times per week.  The hot Florida sun, combined with the high number of swimmers takes away the effectiveness of the chlorine and can spell trouble if left unattended.  This is why in the state of Florida, a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certification is required to service public swimming pool facilities.  If a public pool is not properly maintained, swimmers could develop skin rashes, ear infections, and eye irritation at a minimum.

*  Local pool service or big chain?  When selecting your pool service this is something you must consider.  Let us help!  A national pool service will likely guarantee you high employee turn-over and  a new face in your backyard every month.  While the big pool service will likely follow national standards, the personal touch, such as addressing individual needs will likely not be possible.  Local companies depend on repeat pool service customers and focus on long term customer relationships.

* Its that time of year again...the pollen is falling through your swimming pool screen and a pool cleaning is necessary. You try to net the pollen out but are unsuccessful, as it goes everywhere. At this point you regret not having a regular pool service! Maybe you have a regular pool chemical service with Central Florida Pool Service and would rather clean the pool yourself. Try adding aluminum sulfate to your water.  This chemical will bind with the pollen in your swimming pool and cause it to clump together. By doing this your swimming pool filter system will be able to remove it much easier. At the same time it will make it easier by catching it at the pool skimmer and save you time while performing swmming pool cleaning.

* Many swimming pool owners mistake copper staining on the pool surface for algae, as it is has a green appearance.  You may ask:  How does copper get into my pool?  Take a look at the algaecide you are using.  Many copper stains are caused by copper based pool chemicals and algaecides. If your water becomes unbalanced, then there is a good possibility of copper stains appearing in your swimming pool.  Thus another good reason to have a professional pool service maintaining your pool!  If copper stains are left unattended for several months, they may become deeply seated into the pool surface, thus causing permanent pool surface staining.   Most copper staining may be removed with chemical treatment.

* A sunny day is great for swimming in your pool but not for the chlorine.  Chlorine, which is the industry standard for sanitizer, keeps your swimming pool from turning green however it dissipates in direct sunlight. This is why stabilized chlorine tablets are administered into a non-salt pool.  Stabilized chlorine withstands the affects of the sun in between pool service visits.  If you have a salt pool stabilizer has to be manually added into the pool, otherwise the chlorine that your generator makes will dissipate as well.  Stabilizer leaves the pool water by way of splash-out, draining or pool leaks.  Stabilizer should be part of your swimming pool maintenance program and tested weekly.

* Pool cleaning is not just vacuuming and brushing a pool.  Hiring a professional pool cleaning company ensures that your pool chemistry is also correct.  Improper pool chemistry can cause a multitide of problems resulting in vinyl liner replacement, pool surface issues and pool equipment repair. Just bought a house and want to maintain the pool yourself?  Give us a call and we will be happy to come out and educate you on pool chemistry, cleaning and equipment maintenance.

* A pool pump can consume up to half of a home’s entire energy outputThey now make more energy-efficient models.  In addition, make sure your pool equipment operates on a timer.  The timer will help control the pump's cycling resulting in energy savings for you.  Does it matter the time of day that your pool equipment runs?  You bet!  Your pool pump and filtration equipment should be running during the daytime hours due to this being the warmest and brightest hours.  It is during this time that algae is more likely to grow.

* Even after a thorough backwash, your D.E. or sand swimming pool filter will still retain some dirt and debris.  Call Central Florida Pool Service for a complete filter cleaning which consists of total dismantling and cleaning of filter grids, addition of new filter media, and inspection and lubrication of filter parts.

* The level at which the swimming pool skimmers operate best is between one third and one half the way up the opening of the pool skimmer.  Too much water and floating debris can't get in and too low water level will cause the pump equipment to suck air and possibly burn out your motor. 

* Resurfacing is a common renovation for older pools. It can give your pool a renewed and younger look.  Depending on your preference, you could resurface with tiles, quartz or pebble finishes.   The time lapse between pool resurfacing is contingent, among other things, on the proper pool cleaning and and service the pool has received.  As just about anything, proper maintenance is essential.

* Typically 15 years is about the average replacement age of all in-ground swimming pool liners.  Pool liners, like masonry pool surfaces, are susceptible to chemical and UV damage, not to mention neglect from not properly servicing your pool.

* If you don't want to do a full pool renovation at one time, but would like to do things little by little we can do that.  Things like LED lighting, pool resurfacing, replacing waterline tile, installing a salt system, pool automation equipment, and installing energy efficient pool equipment are just some of the things we can do.     

* Regular swimming pool cleaning and testing your pool's water chemistry will keep your pool water clear.  Cloudy water can result from several things, some of them being poor filtration, low chlorine, or your pool's surface needs repair.  A filter problem may mean the filter just needs to be cleaned or the media may need to be replaced.  Media replacement is a simple pool repair for the pool profesional.  Pool resurfacing should obviously be done by a pool professional.  Call Central Florida Pool Service today! 

* If your pool has an older single-speed pump, installing a new variable-speed pump is one of the most cost-effective energy-saving measures you can take.  Your pool pump may use more electricity than any other appliance in your home.  While these pumps may have more up-front costs, some of the many benefits are they are extremely quiet, they operate at a range of speeds and horsepower and they are the least expensive swimming pool pump to operate.

* Pool automation systems can control everything from sanitizing to heating to turning on lights and water features.  You can operate everything from a single remote control — or even your smart phone or other mobile devices.

* Improper maintenance and poor water chemistry damages your pools surface and will increase the frequency of pool resurfacing. 

* Pool water chemistry is the most misunderstood, yet vital component to overall pool and spa care.  Not only does proper water chemistry protect the swimmers using the pool, but it also protects the swimming pool itself.

* Pool resurfacing is much like painting in that 80% of the work is in the prep and the remaining 20% is in the application of the product.  Poor prep work will result in premature failure of your pool resurfacing or pool renovation project.

* The frequency of pool repairs will depend on how well you maintain your pool over the years. The more maintenance that you put into your pool, the longer it will last between repairs.  If you dont have the time to properly service your pool, we strongly suggest letting us give you an estimate for pool service.  More times than none, this service alone will pay for itself by avoiding costly pool repairs and/or pool surface damage.

* Generally most pool repairs involving motors and filters and all pool resurfacing and renovation work require the company completing the work to hold a pool contractor license through the State of Florida.  The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation provides a quick and free search tool to verify the contractor status.  Did you know that if you hire someone to complete pool repair or pool service on your property and they are injured you are legally liable?  Make sure your pool service provider is licensed and insured.  Let us show you our credentials.

* One of the questions we often hear is:  Are you a pool service or a pool cleaning company?  The answer:  We are a pool service company that provides pool cleaning, pool maintenance, pool repair, pool resurfacing and vinyl liner replacement.  We take the word "Service" seriously, as we aim to make your experience with our company an enjoyable one where you will want to use us again.

* Keeping the swimming pool water chemistry balanced during your pool cleaning visit safeguards your backyard investment.  Not maintinaing the water chemistry can cause corrosive water.  Corrosive water can cause vinyl liner wrinkling,  pool surface pitting and etching, and pool repair to pumps.

* Keep your pool topped up with water to about half way up the skimmer at all times – this allows the pump to do its job with filtration & ensures that your pool cleaner can do his job. This will save you money!! If the water drops too low the pump will end up sucking air, working overtime and possibly even burning out.  In Florida, we usually ony have to worry about low water November through April.

*  Proper water balancing keeps your metal equipment and accessories from corroding and plaster surfaces from etching. It also prevents scale formation that can damage pool equipment, stain surfaces and cloud your water.  The most important reason to maintain your pool chemicals correctly is your health.  In addition to creating un-sanitary conditions, an un-balanced pool can cause adverse skin reactions to bathers.  If you don't have the time, give us a call and ask about our weekly chemical service.  The small price of this regular service will save you big money in pool repair costs.

* Ever wonder why your swimming pool doesn't use as much chlorine in the winter?  This is because there is less sunlight, less rain storms and less of you in the water!  Chlorine is a sanitizer.  Your pool chlorine level should be kept between 1-2ppm.  Anything less will leave your pool susceptible to algae and anything more can damage your pools surface, etc. 

* Ever hear your neighbors talk about the pool and what a pain it is to keep up?  Refer us to you neighbor for pool cleaning, pool repair or pool resurfacing and we will thank you be crediting your account for your next pool service job.

*  Just as the efficient cleaning of a swimming pool is essential for a safe and hygenic swimming experience, competent swimming pool equipment repair is vital to ensure a sparkling fresh and clean pool.  Malfunctioning pool pumps and filters cause growth of algae and dirt in the pool area, and ineffective filtration serves to imbalance the PH of the pool water, making it unsuitable for use.

* Besides being a luxury, a swimming pool is a responsibility since it requires correct cleaning, maintenance and servicing.  Neglecting any pool maintenance can result in major problems.  It is not enough to merely remove the debris and maintain the chemical balance of the water; the pump, filter and other pool equipment must be serviced from time to time.

* Having a professional clean and maintain your Lakeland pool can not only save you time; it can save you money as well.  A properly maintained pool with correct chemistry can lengthen the life of your swimming pool equipment and pool surface considerably, which means you can save money on pool repair and pool resurfacing.

* Many pool problems associated with algae, cloudy pool, low chlorine & low water flow are often the result of a worn out or dirty pool filter.  Many times this is an easy pool repair that will get your pool back in service before that pool party!  By the way, before re-beddding the sand filter with new sand give us a call about another filter media that will work a lot better than sand.  We guarantee you will see a difference.

* Pool staining is common and often associated with poor water chemistry and/or introduced into the water by filling the pool.  Many times we can remove the staining through a chemical process and wont make a dent in your budget.  Sometimes organic stains can be simply removed by administering a shock solution directly on the stain.  Pool chemicals should not be applied directly to a vinyl liner pool however.  So before you think you need your pool resurfaced due to stains, let us see if we can simply remove the stains.  The next thing you should think about is routine pool service to keep the chemicals right!

* There are three main types of pool filters: D.E., Sand & Cartridge.  These filters are completely different from one another in regards to maintenance, cost and filtration.  Give us a call so we can recommend the right pool filter for your swimming pool and you don't waste your money.  Are you having pool surface issues like chaulky fiberglass walls?  Your pool surface and its condition can make a difference in your selection of filters.  We give free advice and free estimates for service.

* Make sure you use the proper pool cleaning equipment according to your pools surface.  If you have a vinyl liner pool you want to use the proper vacuum and brush, as using concrete pool surface equipment on a vinyl liner pool wil result in rips costing you a vinyl liner replacment.

*  Do yourself a favor and stick with a local pool service and not a national chain.  Why?  Because its a proven fact that the big boys have high turn-over rates and employ high school students to work on your investment.  A pool technician is a profesional that needs to know about chemisty, plumbing, etc.  A local pool service in Lakeland that has been in business over 20 years, Central Florida Pool Service only employs knowledgable, trained staff to represent our business and service your swimming pool.

* Did you know that if you hire a non-insured pool service company to perform routine pool cleaning or pool repair and the employee injures him or herself  you will be liable for damages?  Another reason to hire a licensed and insured pool service.

* Following your pool resurfacing project, your pool will initially require more maintenance during its curing period than standard routine pool services provide.  The new pool surface should be brushed daily, and it will likely need frequent muriatic acd properly added to keep the ph down to just name a couple.  The way you treat your new pool surface is how it will look for the life of the finish.  Call us and inquire about our start up services.

* Did you know that too much of a good thing is also bad when  it comes to pool cleaning?  Many swimming pools have cartridge filters now days.  Remember to use your filter pressure gauge as a tool, as many times a slightly dirty filter will catch the smaller particles thus making your water much more clear.

* If your pool is due to be resurfaced and you have areas of deterioration, don't waste your money on a patch.  They typically don't last and you will be re-applying before the summer is over.  And by the way, don't forget to calculate how much that water is going to cost you to fill up the pool!

* When you look at your pool and you feel it has that "dated" look, give us a call and let us show you our selection of water line tile.  Replacing the tile, especially in conjuction with pool resurfacing, will give your swimming pool that up-to-date look.

* Following your pool resurfacing or vinyl liner replacement project you turn on the water hose to fill the pool up. Before filling the pool have the source water tested, as well water typically has high iron levels which will cause staining and municipal watre systems have high calcium hardness which will cause scaling.  Once you know what you have you may administer a pool chemical to correct these deficiencies.

* So you need to call a pool service for a broke down pump motor?  When you call for that pool repair inquire about a new energy efficient pump motor.  You can easily save up to $1000 a year on energy cost.

* What is a full-service pool service?  We call that a pool service that can professionaly provide you with regular pool cleaning service, we are licensed and insured to complete pool repairs and when it's time for a make-over we are licensed and insured to replace vinyl liners and complete pool resurfacing jobs and pool renovations.  That is what separates us from the rest.

* You might wander-Why is my pool service price different than my neighbors?  Pool service prices vary based on pool size, whether your pool is screened, the condition of your pool surface or vinyl liner and many other factors. 

* We are not your average pool service.  We ware licensed and insured to maintain your pool following its construction and for the life of the pool.  When your pool equipment and pool surface requires repair, replacement or resurfacing our team will be here to serve you.

* You have a fiberglass pool surface that is chalky and clouding the water?  This is most likely the gel coat oxidizing.  We can most likely correct the problem without resurfacing your pool.

* Tree pollen can have a big impact on your pool cleaning.  When it is falling in early spring, this organic foreign matter acts as a food for the algae.  It is imperative that your swimming pool filter be properly maintained and you have adequate pool sanitizer levels. Falling behind on your pool service during this time of year can cost you.

* If you prefer doing the pool cleaning yourself, give us a call and ask about our chemical only service.  Pool chemistry is one of the most important factors affecting the longevity of your pool.

*  Pool filter probems can sometimes be tricky to diagnose.  Sometimes a filter problem will present itself as a chemical problem.  After you have spent hundreds of dollars on pool chemicals and running the pool pump 24/7 your pool is still cloudy.  Your problem is most likely the pool filter which requires periodic servicing.  Give us a call thefirst time and let us save you money on pool service and supplies.   

*  Ever notice why you use less chlorine during the winter months?  This is due to the fact that bacteria thrives in warmer water.  When bacteria proliferate, the free chlorineis more rapidly used.

* Did you know that a pool service must have a pool repair contractors license to perform most pool repairs on your pool?  Don't get fooled by "fly by night" so-called pool companies offering to complete repairs.  You will probably regret it when it comes time for them to honor that warranty! 

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